Check out the courses and descriptions page to see great class choices, descriptions and info., and check out the printable schedule for all the offerings in bird's eye view.
Important: please read before enrolling:

  • You must enroll through the Annex, NOT the vendor. 

  • All open classes will appear.  IF A CLASS DOESN'T SHOW UP, IT IS FULL.  Click the "show waitlist classes" if you'd like to see if there's room on a waitlist. If the class still doesn't show up, the waitlist is also full, Sorry:(

  • Please only enroll in 1 class each hour. If you add your student to a waitlist, please don't join another class that same hour. Either join a waitlist or enroll in a class. One or the other.  If you enroll in a class and join a waitlist the same hour, your student will be removed from the waitlisted class.

  • To drop a class, you will need to email the Annex and let them know which student and which class to drop. 

  • After enrolling in classes, please submit payment, either cash or charter p.o., to each vendor separately. You can find their payment info under their course description at

Click the enroll button below.