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About Us

THE LEARNING IS INEVITABLE.”      -Elizabeth Floss

The Annex learning place is a collaboration of vendors offering classes for the home school community all in one convenient location. We aim to make learning fun through engaging and outside-the-box enrichment classes. We work with vendors passionate about their field to bring a variety of classes for all ages, elementary through high school. Class size matters- we keep classes at smaller student/teacher ratios because we believe that small class sizes contribute to a more effective and fulfilling educational experience for students, facilitating their academic growth and personal development.

We welcome both private and charter school students alike. .You may join us for one class or as many classes as you like.  

We are NOT a drop off location as we encourage parent/guardian involvement, support, and building each other up. If you have a baby or small children, bring them too! We have a large indoor seating area as well as outdoor space, and a track to walk around.,  Bring a book, or work, or just hang out and socialize:) 

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