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Mysteries and Marvels of the World







About the Course

Come along as we explore some of the most mysterious and marvelous places and creatures that exist
on planet earth. Why is that lake pink? How does the snail shoot an arrow perfectly at its prey? Did that spider actually choreograph that dance? And what animal won the award for ugliest? Students will learn about a variety of places and creatures while using literature, multimedia, art and crafts, poetry, and writing. Topics such as geography, biology, zoology, classification, ecosystems, and more will be covered as students explore the mysteries and marvels of the world. Each student will create their own book featuring themselves as the lead character.

Your Instructor

A Creative Learner

We are a vendor with Sage Oak, Mission Vista, Granite Mountain, Cabrillo Point, Excel, Suncoast Preparatory Academy, and Springs.

Please note: Payment must be made, or proof of certificate must be emailed to me before the 1st day of class. There are NO Refunds once the class has started. Please contact me if payment arrangements need to be made. If you enroll after classes have begun, payment must be made, or a certificate must be submitted before attending.

Contact Info:
phone: (951) 440-1104

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