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Intro to Sport Fundamentals and Mechanics







About the Course

Game on! This class will introduce the fundamentals and mechanics of several sports. Students will learn the basic techniques of throwing, running, and kicking within the first few minutes of class; after this students will have the opportunity to play and practice a traditional sport. In addition, we will also occasionally incorporate some non-traditional games into our class time. The overall goal is to give students the basic skills they need to have confidence in playing sports, as well as the enjoyment of being active and competitive.

*Basic class setup:
Warm-up (light stretching and easy jog)
Mechanic of the sport (hand placement, rotation of arm, feet
Explanation of game rules and expectations
Clean up and dismiss

Your Instructor

Wonder-Full Learning

You must enroll through The Annex Learning Place. Click on the "Enroll" button above to enroll in the class. Wait for the enrollment confirmation email BEFORE submitting payment or p.o.

**Payment must be made, or proof of certificate must be emailed to me before the 1st day of class. There are NO Refunds once the class has started. Please contact me if payment arrangements need to be made. If you enroll after classes have begun, payment must be made, or a certificate must be submitted before attending.

Coach David is part of Wonder-Full Learning.
Coach David is a vendor with Mission Vista Academy, Cabrillo Point, Suncoast Preparatory Academy, and Granite Mountain.

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