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Hands-on Mini Unit Studies







About the Course

Join us for fun-filled and hands-on learning through mini unit studies! Each week we will explore a new unit study - using themes like apples, hibernation, color theory, and wildflowers - to study poetry, math, science, and art. Every unit study includes beautifully illustrated visual aids and hands-on activities for students, as well as a take-home book at the end of the semester to show parents and teachers all they’ve learned!
Full list of Unit Studies:
Mushrooms, Kitchen prep, Color theory, Strawberries, Butterflies, Hibernation, Wildflowers, Backyard bugs, Light, National Parks, Leaves, Apples, Chickens, Rainbows, and Honeybees.

Your Instructor

Iris Farms

We are a vendor with Mission Vista Academy, Cabrillo Point, Granite Mountain, Pacific Coast Academy, River Springs and Sage Oak.

Contact Info:
Phone: 714-381-1281

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