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About the Course

This class is a basic introduction to sewing. Students will learn the very basics of hand stitching, along with different hand stitches. They will learn first on sewing cards, and will eventually graduate to sewing on felt material with sewing needles. They will complete various, simple projects throughout the semester which they will take home. They can expect to complete around 5-6 projects throughout the semester.

Students do not need to bring anything to this class; all materials will be provided.

Your Instructor

Sassy Cassy Sews

You must enroll through The Annex Learning Place. Click on the "Enroll" button above to enroll in the class. Wait for the enrollment confirmation email BEFORE submitting payment or p.o.

**Payment must be made, or proof of certificate must be emailed to me before the 1st day of class. There are NO Refunds once the class has started. Please contact me if payment arrangements need to be made. If you enroll after classes have begun, payment must be made, or a certificate must be submitted before attending.

I am a vendor with these charter schools: Mission Vista, Cabrillo Point, Pacific Coast Academy, Granite Mountain, Springs, Sage Oak, So Cal Scholar

Contact Info:
Phone: 951-796-8859

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