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Olympic Marksmanship with Airsoft Pistol & Rifle







About the Course

Olympic Marksmanship with Airsoft Pistol & Rifle will teach students the basic principles of good marksmanship as used in Olympic shooting. Students will use airsoft at short range to learn and practice proper technique for shooting and will practice each week. It is a very safe method of learning marksmanship, and very accurate and effective.

Your Instructor

California Athletics

Todd has 9 years in the Marine Corps as an officer and qualified as an Expert (the highest level) multiple times with both pistol and rifle.
California Athletics provides Fundamentals of Sports PE classes for home schooled students in all areas of Southern California, as well as classes in Woodworking, Aviation Science, and competitive sports team opportunities. Classes are open to student's grades K-12. Founder and teacher Todd Nash teaches all classes.

Charter School Info: California Athletics is a vendor with almost all charter schools; they issue POs to pay for classes, sports, and water sports! Look on the charter school vendor list under Todd Nash or California Athletics.

Private Pay: You can also pay directly for classes by cash or check.

Contact Info:
California Athletics
Todd Nash, Director
725 Karena Court
Vista, CA 92083

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