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Natural DIY Fun!







About the Course

Natural DIY fun! This class will include making some fun do it yourself products that we use on a daily basis. I will introduce students to natural and organic ingredients that will be used to make a variety of items such as chapstick, lotions, candles, and soaps and goodies such as chocolate, chewing gum, and much more! The idea is to educate our little ones on what we our putting into our bodies and educate them on how to make their own healthy versions of them right at home!

Your Instructor

Healthy Nutrition

Cash pay only. This class is not approved by charters.

Please note: Payment must be made before the 1st day of class. There are NO Refunds once the class has started. Please contact me regarding how to send payment or if payment arrangements need to be made. If you enroll after classes have begun, payment must be submitted before attending.

Contact Info.:
Phone: 951-231-3079

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