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Mastering Speech, Debate, and Rhetoric







About the Course

In this engaging and interactive class, students will develop their skills in speech, debate, and rhetoric by building on the foundational elements of the classical trivium. Through a combination of grammar, logic, and rhetoric components, students will learn to articulate their ideas clearly, analyze arguments critically, and present persuasively. Activities will include structured debates, public speaking exercises, and practical lessons on stage presence to help students gain confidence and master the art of communication.

We will debate student-relevant topics such as the best Star Wars movie and the coolest music, alongside world-relevant issues like the Ukraine crisis. Join us to become a compelling speaker and an effective debater!

Your Instructor

Champs Universal

You must enroll through The Annex Learning Place. Click on the "Enroll" button above to enroll in the class. Wait for the enrollment confirmation email BEFORE submitting payment or p.o.

Please note: Payment must be made, or proof of certificate must be emailed to me before the 1st day of class. There are NO Refunds once the class has started. Please contact me if payment arrangements need to be made. If you enroll after classes have begun, payment must be made, or a certificate must be submitted before attending.

We are vendors with Citrus Springs, Empire Springs, Harbor Springs, iLead, Cabrillo Point, River Springs, Sage Oak, and Scale. Pending approval with Mission Vista, Pacific Coast, and Excel.

Contact Info:

Accounting and payment: -Mrs. Brittany Reed
Phone: (707) 630-1332

Program Director: Mr. Sean Pill
Phone: (714) 737-1657

Operation Director: Mr. Will Reed
Phone: (562) 895-5100

Charter School Liaison: Mr. David Broadbent
Phone: (714) 624-9089

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