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Kinder Kids Program







About the Course

A brand new class at the Annex, Ms. Kelly’s Wonder-Full Kinder Kids will meet weekly
for two hours with a consistent block schedule routine of reading and engaging with
delightful books and stories, related discussions, hands-on activities, music and
movement–all while thematically exploring the fascinating avenues of science, history,
math, and language arts.

*Note: Because this is a two hour class, the class fee will be equivalent to taking two
regular Annex classes.

Sample schedule:
9am morning greetings and routines; grab a book and READ!
9:20-9:25 music and movement
9:25-9:50 story time and discussion
9:50-10 hands-on activity
10-10:15 bathroom break/snack break
10:20-10:35 calendar time; music and movement
10:35-10:55 hands-on activities/centers
10:55-11 clean up and dismiss

Your Instructor

Wonder-full Learning

Vendor with Mission Vista & Cabrillo Point. Pending with Sky Mountain.
*Please contact about becoming a vendor with your charter school.

Contact Info.:

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