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California Gold Rush Adventure







About the Course

Come and join the desperate adventure of a young boy named Jack as he journeys to the California Gold Fields to save his family from financial ruin with his trusty friend Praiseworthy. Students will learn about the history of the California Gold rush while reading "By the Great Horn Spoon." Students will also develop their own character and detail their own journey to the gold fields through creative writing, pick up treasures along the way, and maybe, just maybe, find themselves in the Gold Fields themselves!

Your Instructor

Abundant Learning

Learning is everywhere! Growing up, my parents were so diligent about turning ordinary things into a learning experience. I was always encouraged to ask ‘why’ and explore the world around me. Even though I struggled with learning difficulties, with help and encouragement, I discovered a love for reading and learning that lead me to a career as a teacher. I spent eight years working with special education and four years in general education. I have worked with all ages, both the classroom and with homeschooling families. My heart is really with the homeschooling community. Every child is unique and the way each child learns is unique. Homeschool provides the perfect environment for children to thrive. My passion is for children to love to learn, to be creative, and to see that the world is full of abundant possibilities. I would love to partner with you in both teaching your child and inspiring wonder and creativity in their hearts.

**All payment or proof of charter purchase order is due by the first day of class unless specific arrangements has been made with the instructor prior to the first day of class.
*No refunds will be issued after the first day of class.

Currently the only payment options are by cash or check (made out to Linda Montes).

I am pending as a vendor with Mission Vista Academy, Cabrillo Point Academy, Pacific Coast Academy, and Granite Mountain Charter School.

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