Biology Focus: Microbiology Craft Class







About the Course

A craft class that explains the basics of cells by engaging students creative play alone with lecture. These lectures cover a variety
of topics such as:
●What is a cell and what do they do? Do I have cells?
●What are the parts of a cell?
●How do cells work?
●How do cells eat?
●Do cells use money? The answer might surprise you!
●When cells go to war! What is a virus?
●What are bacteria? Are they all bad?
●What cells have to do with ageing.
●Let’s make a model of a standard animal or plant cell!
●Let’s design our own custom cell!
Our instructor for this class, Mr Rob, is a Certified Nursing Assistant and top of his class in the Nursing Program. Served as a
Professor’s Assistant in Graphics Design (Graduate with Honors).

Your Instructor

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