Art History with the Masters







About the Course

I invite you to the amazing world of Art History! Let’s go back in time and meet the
artists that created the world-famous artwork we have come to love. We will begin with the
first artists who drew in caves, continue through the ages where we will paint like
Michelangelo, we will swirl the paint like the impressionists Van Gogh and Cezanne, use crazy
contrasting colors to create a self-portrait like Andy Warhol, and so much more. Each child will
create their own hardcover art history books showcasing their own masterpieces following the
featured artist’s style, a timeline, and important artist historical facts (and of course pictures of
themselves). The skills of observation, discussion, imagination, creativity, and connection will all
be implemented in this class all while having fun! (Careful, this is a messy class, so dress
accordingly.) (Visit for examples)

Your Instructor

Tiffany Freuler -
A Creative Learner
Vendor with Sage Oak, Mission Vista, Granite Mountain, Cabrillo Point