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Adventures in Creative Writing







About the Course

In this epic journey of myth, fantasy, and sci-fi, students will harness their creative writing skills by
being placed inside the story using various role-playing games such as The Lord of the Rings “The
One Ring Roleplaying Game” as well as the Star Wars version “Force and Destiny”. Students will not
just tell and write stories but will live them giving them an inside out perspective of the monomyth cycle of the hero’s journey. Students will be given writing prompts that engage their creative and critical thinking skills to help them create realistic characters and thrilling dramatic scenes. The semester will build up to a student’s final project where they will have to write the resolution to a grand climax from one of the group's previous stories. * The theme changes each semester

Your Instructor

Champs Universal

We are vendors with: Citrus Springs, Empire Springs, Harbor Springs, iLead, Cabrillo Point, River Springs, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, and Scale. Pending approval with Mission Vista, Pacific Coast, and Excel.

Contact Info:

Accounting and payment: -Mrs. Brittany Reed
Phone: (707) 630-1332

Program Director: Mr. Sean Pill
Phone: (714) 737-1657

Operation Director: Mr. Will Reed
Phone: (562) 895-5100

Charter School Liaison: Mr. David Broadbent
Phone: (714) 624-9089

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