Marine Biology- Exploring the Sunlight Zone







About the Course

Let’s explore the sunlight zone! What creatures will we find there? Colorful fish,
dolphins, turtles, sharks, coral reef, and more. Other topics that will be covered include
taxonomy, oceanography, ecosystems, marine plants, marine microbes, and more. As we study
and learn, each child will connect with the content by being the lead character in their own
exploration Marine Biology book that they will get to take home at the end of class. Included
will be fun facts about the animals, their classification, diet, behavior, and silly pictures of
themselves. Come join in the adventure and learn about the creatures found in the ocean
sunlight zone. (Visit for examples)

Your Instructor

Tiffany Freuler-
A Creative Learner

Vendor with Sage Oak, Mission Vista, Granite Mountain, Cabrillo Point